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Lanfiere, T. The good fellows frolick, or, Kent Street Clubb : good people all come mind my merry tale, and you shall hear the vertue of good ale, whose charming power some mens humors (hitts, it robs them of their money & their witts : for he in time will surely money lack that minds his belly better than his back : tune of, Hey boys up go we, seamans mournful bride, or the fair one let me in. Printed for J[oshua]. Coniers in Duck-Lane.

MLA Citation

Lanfiere, Thomas. The Good Fellows Frolick, Or, Kent Street Clubb : Good People All Come Mind My Merry Tale, and You Shall Hear the Vertue of Good Ale, Whose Charming Power Some Mens Humors (hitts, It Robs Them of Their Money & Their Witts : For He in Time Will Surely Money Lack That Minds His Belly Better Than His Back : Tune Of, Hey Boys Up Go We, Seamans Mournful Bride, or the Fair One Let Me in. Printed for J[oshua]. Coniers in Duck-Lane.

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