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Beauties triumph, or, The joys of faithful lovers made compleat : shewing the amorous address of a young gallant to a fair virgin, whose consent, notwithstanding her many coy objections, & concluded the happy marriage, under the feign'd names of Amintor and Silva : being a most pleasant and delightful new play-house song : all that's call'd beauty, for mans use was made, why then should he of females be afraid? Encounter them but brisk, you'l find them yield, 'tis seldome known they long do keep the field : but if you fear to court faith, e'n despair, for cowards never Cupids plunder share : to a new play-house tune; or, The reward of loyalty, &c. Printed for P[hilip]. Brooksby, at the Golden-Ball, in West-Smithfield.

MLA Citation

Beauties Triumph, Or, The Joys of Faithful Lovers Made Compleat : Shewing the Amorous Address of a Young Gallant to a Fair Virgin, Whose Consent, Notwithstanding Her Many Coy Objections, & Concluded the Happy Marriage, Under the Feign'd Names of Amintor and Silva : Being a Most Pleasant and Delightful New Play-house Song : All That's Call'd Beauty, for Mans Use Was Made, Why Then Should He of Females Be Afraid? Encounter Them but Brisk, You'l Find Them Yield, 'tis Seldome Known They Long Do Keep the Field : But If You Fear to Court Faith, E'n Despair, for Cowards Never Cupids Plunder Share : To a New Play-house Tune; Or, The Reward of Loyalty, &c. Printed for P[hilip]. Brooksby, at the Golden-Ball, in West-Smithfield.

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