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APA Citation

Vicars, J. A letter for a Christian family : directed to all true Christians to read : which being sealed up in heart and mind, nothing but truth in it you'l find : both old and young, both rich and poor, bear it in mind, keep it in store: and think upon the time to come, for time doth pass, the glass doth run, therefore whilst thou hast time and space, call to the Lord above for grace, then he will surely thee defend, and thou shalt make a happy end : to the tune of, The godly mans instruction. Printed for W. Thackary, J. M[illet] and A. M[ilbourn].

MLA Citation

Vicars, John. A Letter for a Christian Family : Directed to All True Christians to Read : Which Being Sealed Up in Heart and Mind, Nothing but Truth in It You'l Find : Both Old and Young, Both Rich and Poor, Bear It in Mind, Keep It in Store: And Think Upon the Time to Come, for Time Doth Pass, the Glass Doth Run, Therefore Whilst Thou Hast Time and Space, Call to the Lord Above for Grace, Then He Will Surely Thee Defend, and Thou Shalt Make a Happy End : To the Tune Of, The Godly Mans Instruction. Printed for W. Thackary, J. M[illet] and A. M[ilbourn].

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